Over 40+ years of experience

Quality Analytical, Inc. (QA) is an occupational and environmental health consulting firm providing comprehensive industrial hygiene services, industrial safety hazard evaluations, and environmental monitoring for a variety of organizations. Clients have ranged from the individual homeowner and the small business to government facilities. A diverse and experienced staff at QA allows the firm to tackle most any environmental health and safety problem encountered in today’s home or workplace.

Our office is located in Aberdeen, Maryland, centrally located between Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA. Although the majority of our clientele is in the Baltimore metro area, we will travel nation-wide with our services. Our firm maintains its high level of integrity and reliability while continuing to Provide its clients with state-of-the-art services and assistance. The firm strives to keep abreast of new information and legislation which might affect clients. Information and monitoring data collected during the course of a project are presented with objectivity and timeliness, and of course, client confidentiality.

Our president, Stephen King, has over 40 years experience in the Industrial Hygiene field.